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My parents got me a piano when I was a child, and I began playing and competing by age 6. Clarinet and saxophone followed, and then I discovered I could SING. Throw in a whole BUNCH of record albums I would play until the needle went through the other side; I guess you could say music made MY planet fabulous, and it will YOURS, too!


Live Life in Song


Karaoke is the MOST fun - you get to sing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and I love encouraging shy or scared folks to get up there and DO IT! Singing relieves stress, provides happiness, and spreads joy throughout the world. Karaoke makes our Planet Fabulous! Join me Sundays and Wednesdays every week at The Iron Bear, 8th & Colorado in Austin, Texas, and book ME for your next event! 


Be Inspired By the Past, Present & Future


PLZ2NJOY my 24/7 streaming Planet Fabulous Radio, and join me LIVE for my Champagne Brunch show! Right here on! Listen to some amazing music, and get all the deets on the songs and the artists who made them! ONE HUNDRED YEARS, from the 1920's to the 2020's, you will hear ALL the music that makes our Planet Fabulous!



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